Table massage with Marta is not like other massage you've received before. It is a unique fusion of gliding strokes (pressure to your preference), Thai massage techniques, lymph drainage and Craniosacral Therapy depending on what your needs are that day. These sessions are deeply relaxing and effective at relieving pain.


On the physical level, Craniosacral Therapy
works with the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord), as well as the bones that surround them. The central nervous system is constantly being bathed in cerebral spinal fluid and the flow of this fluid influences other parts of our physiology.

Many people are now better understanding the Psychosomatic aspect of the human experience. Meaning, our emotions and experiences influence our bodies and our well-being. CST works with emotions and memories stored within the 
body, and helps to bring balance to patterns and trauma.



Marta is aware that this transformational time of life requires special  attunement to mama's (and baby's) ever changing needs. These sessions emphasize gentle and relaxing techniques to reduce stress and tension. Like all of Marta's work, sessions can be massage only, or a combination of massage and Craniosacral Therapy.


Why Craniosacral Therapy? CST sessions can be ideal for those dealing with fear or anxiety around giving birth and/or postnatally to integrate the experience of giving birth.

Bodywork can also be a really sweet time for mama and baby to connect and slow down with each other.


Please get the clear from you health care provider before scheduling for massage.

For more information on my other offerings for families expecting a new baby


If you have any questions as to what kind of session would be best for you, contact Marta HERE.







1.25 hr...……......................................$100

1.5 hr......................................………..$115

2 hr..……….........................................$150


Routine Visit Discounts


Monthly appointments

$5 off each session


Biweekly appointments

$10 off each session


Weekly appointments

$15 off each session


To receive the Routine Visit Discount, sessions must be purchased in packages of 4

Your First Appointment

Please click the Client History Form Button above to print and fill out and bring with you to your first appointment.
Marta and many of her clients have extreme sensitivities to fragrances.  Please respect the space by not wearing perfume/cologne, scented lotions, deodorants, hair products, and fabric softeners the day of your appointment. What's the deal with being fragrance-free
Payment can be made with CASH or CHECK ONLY!
Credit cards accepted only if you are purchasing a gift certificate for someone over the phone.  
For massage sessions, clients will undress and be draped with comfy sheets.
Craniosacral Therapy is performed with the client on the treatment table and they remain fully clothed.
It is Marta's firm goal to use as much of your session time for actual bodywork as possible. Feel free to arrive 5 minutes early to come in and get settled so we can consult and prepare for your treatment at that time. When you arrive, have a seat in the waiting room. If you need to use the restroom while you wait, go through the waiting room to the back of the suite. The restroom is on the right-hand side. Thank you also for being mindful of the other practitioners in the space and keep noise to a minimum.
Refrain from eating large meals at least 1.5-2 hours before your massage.  Massage DOES lower blood sugar and blood pressure.  Having a light snack on hand for after your session can be a good thing.  Ladies, please notify Marta if you are menstruating when you arrive so she can adjust techniques accordingly.
If you need to reschedule for any reason please make sure to do so with at least 24 hours notice. No-shows will be billed the full session amount. You can cancel and reschedule appointments through the confirmation email from when you made your appointment.


Marta Dwaihy BFA, LMT, RYT200, RCST

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Wayne State University

Licensed Massage Therapist, Irene's Myomassology Inst.

Registered Yoga Teacher, House of Yoga - Berkley

Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist


Marta began her studies of bodywork at Irene's Myomassology Institue in 2011 where she built her foundation of massage and healing. This is also where she was first introduced to and fell in love with Thai massage. After graduating, she continued to deepen her Thai massage practice by studying with teachers in the US, and in 2013 traveled to Thailand and India to further her education there. 


She completed her yoga teacher training at House of Yoga in Berkley, MI in 2012. In India, Marta attended the School of Ayurveda & Panchakarma in Kerala where she studied integrative yoga therapy and basic Ayurvedic principles.


Most recently Marta completed a 700 hour long course in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with teacher, Jan Pemberton. She is excited to integrate this amazing modality into her practice and is available for Craniosacral sessions OR sessions combining massage and Craniosacral into one treatment.


Marta’s approach to bodywork is to first LISTEN to the client. What are their needs and goals? From there she will use a combination of bodywork techniques to build a therapeutic treatment. Whether you're suffering from pain, fatigue, or stress, sessions with Marta are designed to help integrate body, mind and spirit.


Since the birth of her son in 2017 Marta has become passionate about finding ways to support other new mothers. She recently completed an online postpartum doula training through the Newborn Mother's Collective as well as the postpartum doula training at Center for the Childbearing year with Patty Brennan in Ann Arbor, MI.


To learn more about Marta's Doula offerings CLICK HERE.









Marta has recently moved her practice from Ann Arbor to the east side of Detroit.



By Appointment Only

I'm am currently not seeing bodywork clients due to COVID-19