"Having had a largely medicalized first childbirth and isolating post-birth experience with my first daughter, I wanted to foster a different experience as I prepared for the arrival of my second. Working with Marta was a foundational decision that helped bring that desire to life. During my pregnancy we visioned what that might look like, she shared valuable resources and readings with me that I wouldn't have otherwise had access to, and she helped me honor the sacredness of this experience through facilitating a beautiful mother blessing. Immediately after my daughter's birth she was a powerful source of grounding. Her presence was a critical source of support as I made several difficult decisions to navigate the challenges that arose after what did indeed turn out to be the non-medicalized birth I had hoped for. Had she not been there, I'm not sure how I would have fared even with the other strong sources of support I had by my side. The nourishment that she brought to my bedside continued to help me ground and stay present; this simple but profound support set the stage for an incredibly beautiful post-birth recovery. I felt supported not only by Marta but by the resources and community she helped me to actively engage. She continued to show during my post-partum recovery at critical intervals in her deeply loving way; again with nourishment for my body and spirit. Her visits were always shaped by what I most needed in the moment, which ranged from help remembering and practicing how to put a tiny newborn in the baby sling, to picking up that one thing I really needed from the grocery, to being a loving ear as I processed my birth experience, to helping me plan for my own care and well being. Having Marta's support - in both her action and her energy - helped to shape this experience so that I could be present for the beauty, the grief and the profound mystery of it all. Marta's support was an incredible gift to me, to my daughters and our entire family." 

-Anne K.

"I would tell someone considering working with Marta that it will be the best investment for your baby's health. Happy Mamma, Happy Baby. I had much more family support than your average person, and it was crucial still to have professional support that would show up with just my needs in mind. As amazing and vitally important as it is to have support from family, the support I received from marta went beyond the cuteness of the baby, and deep into the heart of the challenging and mind-boggling space of having just given birth. Deeply soul nourishing, and true to the name Sister-Heart. I thought it was luxury and going above and beyond to hire a postpartum doula, but having her support was essential to my basic needs, sanity, and wellbeing. [For me, the things that Marta excels at most include] communication, a Holistic approach, and empathy. I really felt seen and heard during Marta's communication before, during, and after my time working with her. I also appreciated Marta bridging the worlds of brain science with traditional wisdom during this time in my life. Her presence always felt deeply kind, tender, and empathetic (even when I was not feeling particularly kind or generous myself)."

-Miriam D.


I'm am currently not seeing bodywork clients due to COVID-19