The most important thing to know about Marta is that she's looking at the whole person before she starts the massage. ... Marta feels out what you need and the genre of massage that's most interesting to you. I move for my profession -- dance and physical theater. For me, Thai massage was exactly right. Marta released all the tense lumps that we can acquire after working on the stage. And she did it with a grace and humility. And humor, most importantly. Can't recommend enough.


Jim M


Marta is intuitive, professional, warm, and caring. Her energy is amazing and she has the capacity to make you feel safe and heard. Marta is hands down the best massage therapist I have ever visited! You will not be disappointed, just try her once and you will keep returning again and again!


JM - Yelp Review


Marta is amazing! She is knowledgeable of the body and her massages are firm but not hard.  You will not come out of her studio feeling sore, but feeling relaxed and soothed, with nice muscle release and better mobility. 
Marta is also very kind and her energy will relax you from the moment you greet her.
She is also an excellent Yoga instructor!


Margarita D. - Yelp Review



I'm am currently not seeing bodywork clients due to COVID-19